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8月7-9日業界頂尖品牌 雲集於香港會議展覽中心



一連三天假座灣仔香港會議展覽中心舉行的「2020香港高級視聽展」,8月7日及8日開放時間由早上10:00至晚上7:00,8月9日則由10:00至黃昏6:00,而每位購買80元入場門票的人士均可獲贈《2020原音精選》雙層SACD乙張。歡迎瀏覽《音響技術》的專屬網頁及Facebook專頁,展會的最新消息將會持續更新! 共三層的展區佔地超過一萬平方米,各大品牌及代理分佈於S2系列會議室(10間會議室共1,532平方米),S4系列會議室(10間會議室共1,532平方米),Hall3展覽廳(開放式空間佔地超過8,000平方米)。其中於展覽廳3內劃分出15間採用特別隔聲物料建構的「發燒房」、12個「特色主題展覽區」、「音響器材、線材及輔件專區」、「音樂軟件專區」,時尚而創新的器材,為發燒友帶來充滿樂趣的享受。






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The 2020 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show 7-9 Aug 2020

Immersive experience with high end audio 

The scale of the Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show has been exceeded for previous years. Countless audio and visual exhibitors will come from all over the world. In addition to European and American audiophile brands, new products by Asia-Pacific younger generation will also join the exhibition. Many exhibits are integrated into the most advanced digital technology, while there are also replicas of classical models from last century. Besides large scale two-channel systems, there are also micro system equipment to cater for individual needs. There are numerous outstanding products, including quality and stylish earphones and Bluetooth products. We also have the latest music software and all kinds of classic second-hand vinyl records. All audio and music lovers who come to visit the High-End Audio Visual Show will not only have the chance to see the world’s latest audio-visual products and listen to them, they can also enjoy discounts from on-site shopping.


The 3-day 2020 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show will be held from 7-9 August in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai. Opening hours will be from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on 7-8 August, and from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on 9 August. Every ticket holder will be given a hybrid SACD, “The Perfect Sound 2020”.


The 3-level exhibition venue covers more than 10,000 m2. Different brand names and dealers are located in S2 ( 10 exhibition rooms covering 1,532m2 ) ; S4 ( 10 exhibition rooms covering 1,532m2 ) and in Hall 3 ( open area covering 8,000m2 ). In Exhibition Hall 3, there are 15 ‘Audio Rooms’ built with special sound-insulating materials, 12 ‘Feature Exhibition Zones’, ‘Audio Equipment, Cables & Accessories Zone’ and ‘Music Software Zone’. Stylish and innovative equipment brings the most enjoyable moments to every visitor.  For details, please browse the "Audiotechnique" website and our Facebook page. We’ll keep updating the latest news.

About “Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show”

Starting from 2003, the Audiotechnique holds a 3-day international “Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show” in August each year.  The Show is the biggest of its kind in Hong Kong.  There are over 150 exhibitors and +30,000 visitors (2019 statistics).  It attracts representatives from the audio field and audiophiles from China and all over the world including Japan, Korea, Europe and the US.  It has been reckoned as one of the three most important Audio Visual Shows worldwide.

About Audiotechnique

The Organizer “Audiotechnique” is an audio magazine and has been publishing for 39 years since August 1981.  This monthly magazine has become indispensable for music and audio lovers, distributors, dealers and manufacturers of the industry.  Audiotechnique is the first audio magazine to be imported and distributed in China by the “China National Publications Import & Export Corporation Guangzhou Branch”.

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