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The 2021 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show 6-8 Aug 2021

Immersive experience with high end audio 

With COVID-19 pandemic still raging globally and that the situation in Hong Kong has not stabilised yet, we have decided to postpone Hong Kong High End Audio-Video Show to 6-8 August 2021, after thorough consideration and lengthy discussions with the industry. We will keep everybody posted on the exhibition in due course through our official website and social media.

About “Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show”

Starting from 2003, the Audiotechnique holds a 3-day international “Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show” in August each year.  The Show is the biggest of its kind in Hong Kong.  There are over 150 exhibitors and +30,000 visitors (2019 statistics).  It attracts representatives from the audio field and audiophiles from China and all over the world including Japan, Korea, Europe and the US.  It has been reckoned as one of the three most important Audio Visual Shows worldwide.

About Audiotechnique

The Organizer “Audiotechnique” is an audio magazine and has been publishing for 39 years since August 1981.  This monthly magazine has become indispensable for music and audio lovers, distributors, dealers and manufacturers of the industry.  Audiotechnique is the first audio magazine to be imported and distributed in China by the “China National Publications Import & Export Corporation Guangzhou Branch”.

Website                      www.audiotechnique.com

YouTube                     www.youtube.com/AudiotechniqueMagazine

Facebook                   www.facebook.com/Audiotechnique

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eShop                          www.audiotechnique.com/eshop

E-mail                         mag@audiotechnique.com

Enquiry                       +852 2881 1252

WhatsApp                   +852 9062 4770

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