Whatever the source you want to listen to, you will live the emotion of live music. Each part of this unit has been designed to offer the ultimate in musical quality in compliance with the best technical performance.
This IA Blue Diamond is designed like an integration of separated circuit like a DAC, a Linestage a Powerstage.

If you play music on disc or hi-res files you can connect your source directly in digital to the amplifier; the digital input section accept signals from coaxial, optical and USB cable. We have pushed the limit for PCM to 384kHz-32bit and for DSD to 11,2Mbit/s (DSDx4). An ES9016 Sabre DAC will convert your hi-res digital stream in analog music.

The volume control is based on a very high dynamic analog volume control the Texas PGA2320.
You can control the volume at 0,5dB step.

North Star Design Blue Diamond Integrated Amplifier


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