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  • 乘搭港鐵: 步行至柯士甸站,乘搭港鐵於紅磡站轉乘東鐵綫到會展站(估計時間:35分鐘)


從香港國際機場 : 

  • 乘搭巴士: A11號線或E11號線往灣仔,並轉乘40M號線往會展中心(估計時間:80分鐘)

  • 乘搭港鐵: 機場站往香港站,並轉乘到灣仔站(估計時間:40分鐘)

  • 乘搭的士(估計時間:45分鐘)

從紅磡火車站 : 

  • 乘搭 巴士: 104號或101號路線往灣仔(估計時間:20分鐘)

  • 乘搭的士(估計時間: 30分鐘)

從尖沙咀天星碼頭 : 

  • 乘搭渡輪: 尖沙咀天星碼頭往灣仔天星碼頭(估計時間:15分鐘)

  • 乘搭港鐵: 尖沙咀站往灣仔站(估計時間:15分鐘)

  • 乘搭的士(估計時間:30分鐘)


Visitor can walk to the HKCEC from the MTR Wanchai Station or Wanchai ferry pier within 10 minutes; or you can also select the suggested routes below: 

From Hong Kong West Kowloon Station:

  • By MTR: Walk to Austin Station, switch to East Rail Line at Hung Hom Station to Exhibition Centre Station (Estimated time: 35 mins)

From Hong Kong International Airport : 

  • By Bus: route no. A11 or E11 to Wanchai and change to route no. 40M to the HKCEC (Estimated time: 80 mins)

  • By MTR: Airport station to Hong Kong station and switch to Wanchai station (Estimated time: 40 mins)

  • By Taxi (Estimated time: 45 mins)


From Hung Hom Railway Station :

  • By Bus: route no. 104 or 101 to Wanchai (Estimated time: 20 mins)

  • By Taxi (Estimated time: 30 mins)

From Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier : 

  • By Ferry: Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier to Wanchai Star Ferry Pier (Estimated time: 15 mins)

  • By MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui station to Wanchai station (Estimated time: 15 mins)

  • By Taxi (Estimated time: 30 mins)

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